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Philadelphia in Ten

This past summer we moved to Northern Virginia (just outside of DC) for a job my husband took. Between house shopping, the Holidays, and just getting settled in our new house, we are finally ready for adventure and exploring the area. One benefit to living in the DC metro area is that it is central to the East Coast. New York, Philadelphia, the Appalachians, and the Outer Banks are all just a half day's drive.  The other week my brother-in-law had a work conference in Philadelphia. And since it is only 3 hours from us, he decided to fly himself  and my eldest niece into DC for weekend before and then drive up to Philly . At the end of his conference, we had planned to met up and spend the weekend in Philly. So come Saturday morning, we headed north …  in a "surprise" winter storm. It was glorious chaos. It was meant to be a whirlwind trip, 36 hours exploring the historic city. The snow and wind was an added bonus to the mess.  Our route should have taken less than 3 hou