Travel Planning is My Happy Place

I am planner. I love having a plan, even at the most base level. I do this for almost everything. And I do this because, once you have a basic plan, you can build and shift as the situation needs. 

One of my favorite things to plan is travel. I can't tell you how many trips I have planned for my family that may never come to fruition, but I enjoy it immensely. 

Travel planning is most definitely the biggest rabbit hole for me. I start planning one trip and three more are born. If we were to do all the trips in my notebook, we would be busy until 2030. (Which one trip is scheduled and actively being planned for that year already.)

The hardest thing about daydreaming travel is being realistic about how we can travel. I would live full-time in our RV if I could, but that's not realistic. I would take my kids to everything that is available to do and see (and eat!) when we do travel, but that's not realistic. Reality is hard and no fun sometimes. 

We have a few major trips coming up this year. And because, some national parks allow reservations a year in advance, some for next year. So I am in my happy place right now. 

We will be traveling by planes and cars. Staying in hotels and RVs. Seeing sites, hiking trails, visiting family. And meeting the Mouse. I am so excited for my kids (and for me).

Some of my favorite tools to use for trip planning are Evernote, Road Trippers, and Pinterest. Evernote is a great tool to organize and sort. I have a Notebook for each trip, and organize my ideas about the trip with notes from packing lists to ideas of things to do. Since we are going to Disneyland, I have a note organizing themed outfits for the family.

Road Trippers is part of the ToGoRV family of websites. Although mainly geared towards RVers, Road Trippers would be an excellent addition to any trip as it can give you a plethora of ideas for any destination. 

Pinterest is an tool to give you give ideas. This is where I got ideas for my Disneyland outfits as well as things to pack for the trip. I have also gotten nature scavenger hunt ideas for the state and national parks we will be visiting. 

Let's just say my notebook is a mess and the number of tabs open on my laptop is a bit chaotic. But I am always looking for more to add. What are some of your favorite National Parks or Destinations?

Love and Journeys,

A Hot Mess Traveler


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